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3.9.2017 - We haven't poste for a while, and quite a few things happened in the meantime. All puppies from our RR litter are happy in new homes, and our Anansi family got a new member. A beautiful red/white male from Russia, named Komi.

5.12.2016 - After staying empty in June our Safi, on our big surprise, decided to have one more heat this year. So we traveled to Poland to visit beautiful Gray once again. If we are lucky this time, we are expecting puppies in the end od January!


3.11.2016 - With sadness we announce that there will be no puppies in our kennel this year. Our Safi was mated with wonderful male from Poland but unfortunately stayed empty. However, next year we will repeat mating, so we are planning a next litter in autumn 2017 .

4.3.2016 - Our puppies are 8 weeks old and they will start going in their new homes. This time they will go to live in 4 different countries.

6.1.2016 - Today our Loa become mother for the last time. She gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies!! We have 1 boy and 5 girls. They are red/white except one girl who is tricolor and is the first tricolor born in Slovenia!!

7.11.2015 - Yesterday Loa and Dexter had a successful date, and if all goes well, we expect puppies around 8th January!!! All puppies will be Fanconi and PRA-BJ1 CLEAR by parents!! We expect red/white and tricolor puppies!!!
We are already taking reservations for puppies!

27.3.2015 - Let me proudly present to you our new edition. Sweet tricolor girl called Alice imported from Sweden!!


25.2.2015 - All our puppies are already in their new homes. 4 of them stay in Slovenia and 2 we have delivered to Spain.


4.2.2015 - Puppies from our NN litter are already 8 weeks old and they started to go to live with their new parents.

14.1.2015 - Today our SS-litter is celebrating their 1st Birthday!! :D


11.12.2014 - And we have them!!! On 9th of December our Zinka gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies, 1 boy and 5 girls. More on NN litter page.


12.11.2014 - We are happy to announce that the mating was successful and that we are expecting at least 4 puppies!!!! :D

8.10.2014 - Today we breed our Zinka with Dexter and if everything goes like it should, we are expecting puppies on 10th of December!!!!!

25.9.2014 - Our Zina started her heat tody!!! So, soon we are leaving to visit our beautiful Dexter.
This is the latest picture of our future parents together.

9.4.2014 - A lot of things happened lately.
Puppies from our S-litter are all growing nicely and enjoying in their new homes.
Our Zina become Slovenian champion and successfully passed all health tests. All test results can be seen on her personal page.
At this time, I would like to announce our new litter that will be in the end of the year! Mother and father will be our Zina and Dexter. We are already taking reservations!


8.3.2014 - Our puppies are already over 7 weeks old. 4 more days and they will go in to their new homes.

14.1.2014 - Let us proudly present to you our new litter!! Our dear Loa gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies! 4 boys and 1 girl

More pictures


13.11.2013 -We are happy to announce that if the breeding was successful we are expecting our new litter around 15th of January 2014.

21.9.2013 - Dexter got his Croatia champion title (CH-HR)!!!!!!!! :D

june/july 2013 - Our Loa and Zina were photomodels for a nacional dog magazine "Moj pes" in article about basenji breed and we have represented the basenji breed on national television. :) You can take a look HERE

3.3.2013 - Yesterday our Dexter got his breeding license!!!!!!! :D :D

17.12.2012 - How time flies!! Puppies from our 1st litter are already 1 year old!!!

27.11.2012 - We decided that we will have  another litter with our Loa ! After long consideration , we decided that we will try again with the combination , which was planned already two years ago .
So , at the end of 2013 we are planing litter from our " Loa " Adanna African Spirit and wonderful male " Myran " Dipop Red Dancer .
More information can be found under the tab " Litters " .

We are already taking reservations!!!! :)


28.5. 2012 - Our Dexter went 26.5.2012 on his first official show in CACIB Varaždin (Croatia) and he won BIS BABY!!!!!!!

16.5.2012 - Some time has passed since my last writing and in between a lot of things has happened . At the beginning of May I traveled for 3 days to Sweden and returned back with our new member! From now on we have in co-ownership with Bashira kennel from Croatia a beautyful red/ white male named Dexter ! :D More about him you can read at his page.

And last weekend our Zina had her first show , she got very nice compliment from the judge and evaluation "very promising" . :)


8.4.2012 - And the last puppy has finally found a new home. From all 5 puppies, only one female is staying in Slovenia and all others are living in their new homes in Croatia. :)

We are already planing new litter for winter 2013/2014. More information you can find on litter page!!!




18.2.2012 - How time flies . Puppies are already 9 weeks old and we have only one more at  home , others have already gone in to new homes.

12.2.2012 - Puppies are now 8 weeks old. They have been diswormed, microchiped and one time vaccinated so they are ready to go in new homes. First one already left, female, she will live in Croatia. :)

1.2.2012 - Our puppies will be soon 7 weeks old. After that they will be microchiped and vaccinated for the first time. :)

22.1.2012 - Yesterday our puppies were 5 weeks old! :) One male is still looking for a new home. Preferably show home!!

15.1.2012 - Puppies were yesterday 4 weeks old. All 4 puppies who have already been reserved were already visited by their future owners. Ona male is still looking for a loving new owner.

10.1.2012 - Our puppies are now 3 weeks and 3 days old. They are playful and already eat real dog food. :)

1.1.2012 -Yesterday , our puppies were 2 weeks old. They are growing fast and so far three of them (girl1, boy3 and boy2 ) has already opened their eyes. :)

24.12.2011 - Our puppies are already one week old . They are active and growing very nice . 4 puppies already have new owners , but 1 boy is still available.

23.12.2011 - Our Loa has celebrated her 4th birthday today. :)

18.12.2011 - Yesterday,17.12.2011, at evening hours, Loa gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. :D 2 females and 3 males, all red/white.


6.12.2011 - Today we went for the second ultrasound and X-ray. We will have 5 puppies!!!!! :D They are all doing great, have strong hearts and the first one is already in the right position for birth. :D

21.11.2011 - It's confermed!!! Loa in pregnant!!!! We were on the ultrasound where the veterinarian estimated that we will have 4 or 5 puppies . : D They  grow very nice and have strong hearts. One of the puppies is 2,6 cm long and very very active. Veterinarian himself was surprised at the activity of this puppy. :)

26.10.2011 - Last weekend we came back from our trip to Sweden and Denmark. Loa was mated with Tre two times and if everything goes like it should, we are expecting puppies around 19th of December. :D


3.10.2011 - Today Loa started her heat!!!!! On exact the same day as last year! :) We are planning our trip to Sweden in 14 days. :D

4.9.2011 - Loa won her second CACL on national Lure coursing competition.

29.5.2011 - I can happily announce that we found a new male for our first litter!! :D More information you can find on Litters tab.

24.5.2011 - Unfortunately I have to inform you about changing plans about mating. New male will be known soon....

10.4.2011 - We went on lure coursing training in Zagreb for the first time. We made some new friends and had a great time! :)

9.4.2011 - Loa's cousin Asali (Asali Olabisi-Chinue) and her family came to visit us. We had a wonderful time in the ZOO and running on the meadows! :D

24.3.2011 - Our agility season is opened. :D Loa did great on training today!! This year we will try with some agility competitions for the first time. :D



20.11.2010 - I have very sad news. :( It looks like something went wrong. Loa is not carrying any babies. So no litter for us this year. :'( We will try again next year.


8.11.2010 - Today we were at the veterinary on the ultrasound. Puppies were not seen jet, so we will try again in 14 days.

19.10.2010 - Yesterday we come back from our trip to Sweden. We had a great time!! Thanks to Michelle Oljemark (SunDevils kennel), her sun and daughter in law!! Myran "Dipop Red Dancer" is a fantastic dog and I am glad I chose him to be the father of our first litter. :)

If everything goes well, puppies are expected on 16th of December!!

3.10.2010 - Loa started her heat today, so we will be traveling to Sweden soon!!!! :D

11.6 - 13.6.2010 - This weekend we went in Czech Republic on Basenji club show. We had great time, lurened a lot of new things about basenjis an Loa made a lot of new friends. You can see the photos in our web album:

22.5.2010 - Today Loa finished her Croatian championship (CH-CRO) and International championship (CH-INT)!

9.5.2010 - Today Loa finished her Slovenian championship (CH-SLO)!

18.4.2010 Loa was runing on national Lure coursing competition.

27.3.2010 We were on breeding examination and got A!!

23.12.2009 Today Loa has celebrated her second birthday!! Few pictures you can find under Photos. Besides that she got 4 stepbrothers and one stepsister in OldLegend's kennel!!!


4.11.2009 This Loas heat was very quick and really real for the first time. We had 2 progesterone tests (11th and 14th day) and found out that next winter we will have to pack our bags and leave to Sweden as soon as Loa starts with heat. She is ready for mating after 1st week of heat.

20.10.2009 Today Loa came into heat for the fourth time. In the next 3-4 weeks we will visit a veterinary for a few times for hormone tests, so that we will know when to go to Sweden next year.

22.9.2009 As you could already see under the litters, we have chosen the father of our first litter. He is red/white, with health tests and he comes from Sweden. We have also started to collect reservations for the puppies, so if you are interested in our combination, please feel free to contact us!!

21.9.2009 Today we received the results of thyroid and hips tests. Hips were rated A1 and thyroid is normal.


7.9.2009 Yesterday Loa was on her first lure coursing competition. The competition was international (under Eurocup) and it was taking place in our country. There were 57 dogs from 8 different countries. Loa was doing excellent! She was the best basenji and number one Slovenian dog in field.

10.8.2009 For the weekend we were on two shows in Montenegro and Loa become Montenegro champion!!

31.7.2009 We were at the vet on Loa eye tests and we found out that she has totally clear eyes!!

29.7.2009 Two days ago we had a female dog visit in our home for the first time. In our care came Loa's best friend Dory and we were little sceptical how Loa will react. But we were pleasantly surprised. Loa was acting great! She was very hospitable and she shared with Dory everything and they were playing all the time. There were some tense moments at eating time but after that thay were best friends again. After 6 hours of playing (with just few short time outs) and crazy walk they finally fell a sleep. So, Loa behaved very well and I am proud of her!

20.7.2009 Welcome on our new homepage!

What does the word ANANSI means: Anansi is a spider and it's one of the most popular animal tricksters from West African mythology. He can change his appearance to look like a human, a rabbit, a fox, or any other animal. He is sneaky, tricky, cunning, clever and sometimes mischievous. He's also known as creator god who made the sun and the moon, and hit upon the novel idea of day and night.

Many Anansi stories deal with him attempting to trick people into allowing him to steal food or money, or something else that could turn a profit, but frequently the tricks ultimately backfire on Anansi.